VENZA Announces New Data Breach Protection for Everest Package Customers

(Atlanta, GA – June 16, 2017) VENZA has announced that, effective immediately, all customers with an active license of its “Everest” package will receive $100,000 in data breach coverage from North American Data Security Risk Purchase Group (NADS RPG), the most comprehensive and cost effective breach protection program in the payments industry.

“As VENZA’s top-tier package, Everest provides organizations with advanced defense and visibility as well as compliance and proactive response management for data security,” says Jeff Venza, CEO of VENZA. “This new coverage, which has been made possible through a joint partnership between VENZA and APERIA, takes Everest to an even higher level of protection, giving customers even more value for their investment.”

This new protection covers card replacement costs and expenses; PCI DSS and regulatory fines and assessments resulting from a breach; cost of Account Data Compromise Recovery (ADCR) fines for credit card fraud; software and hardware upgrades (when ordered in lieu of a fine); the cost of the mandatory forensic audit; and breach notification expenses. The policy applies to all of VENZA’s PCI DSS Level 2, 3, and 4 merchant accounts, regardless of whether the merchant is PCI DSS compliant at the time of the breach.

APERIA has provided data management, business intelligence, security, and compliance solutions for more than a decade. Its risk management solutions are designed to protect organizations from organized merchant crime, merchant business failure, unfunded chargebacks, and other forms of fraud.

“For years, VENZA has been safeguarding organizations and equipping employees with prevention, protection, and intelligence tools to protect their guests from cybercrime,” says Venza. “True to VENZA’s commitment to safeguard organizations, we’re offering our Everest-level customers additional peace of mind, providing them with confidence not only in their human firewall but in their systems as well.”

Drawing on decades of experience, VENZA can help organizations mitigate their data security vulnerabilities and ensure compliance, keeping guests and their data safe from breaches. By delivering a security solution for readiness, reassurance and response, VENZA offers 360-degree visibility for proactive management of risks—so users can focus on guest service and building trust in their brand. Better visibility means better defense. Know the risks, protect the enterprise with VENZA.

More than 10,000 organizations in 100+ countries look to VENZA for tools, technology, and strategic security support. Founded in 2008, VENZA is a privately held company, headquartered in Roswell, GA. For more information, please call 770.685.6500 or visit