5 Min of Style Notes: 03/07/12

Thanks to those who attended.

Yesterday we discussed image naming conventions, especially with regards to the images we take for making updates to training modules.

Monica did a fantastic job of leading the session. She made reference to:


  • The suggestion made by David to name images in the following way: MOD01_slide001.
  • How renaming as MOD01_retake001 seems logical enough, but it makes it more difficult for the development team and (perhaps more importantly) the SME to identify which image goes in what location.
  • The suggestion of naming new images with a letter, such as: MOD01_slide001a.
  • In the conversation that followed Monica’s presentation, Diona asked about the use of SnagIt as an alternative to Captivate for capturing screen images. Monica really sold us on some of SnagIt’s features, principally in the ability to batch the names of screen captures.

Anecdotally … Monica’s 5-Minutes of Style wins the prize for being the shortest session to date. Amazingly, it is also in the running for being the most beneficial.

… thanks for raising the bar so high, Monica!