5 Min of Style Notes: 11/07/12

Thanks to those who attended.

Today we discussed screen instructions in software training simulations and the importance of using clear language.

The discussion focused on the following topics:


  • Be Specific – It’s a best practice to specifically identify what it is you want the learner to write, select, or click. Referencing only a field or vaguely describing an item to select in the on screen instructions, while the actual directive is only given in the audio narration, makes the training simulation unnecessarily challenging to the learner.
  • Mind Your Syntax – What the learner hears from the narration must not compete with the written on screen instructions. For this reason, it is imperative to synchronize instructions and narration while keeping all informative and contextual narration separate from simulation prompts. Furthermore, be mindful of what sounds like something Yoda (Star Wars character) might say, otherwise, “be unclear you may!”

•    Venza Group Instructional Design employees are expected to attend.
•    Venza Group partners are encouraged to attend.