AJS Hotels Picks VENZA for Data Protection and PCI DSS Compliance

VENZA Reinforces AJS Hotels’ Human Firewall

As of August 4th, 2021, AJS Hotels has selected VENZA to enhance their security and compliance position.    

As Louisville, Kentucky’s largest hotel owner-operator, with over 1,000 employees, ensuring the security of their properties, associates, and clients is at the forefront of their minds.   

“We take every aspect of our business seriously.” Joe Deffert, CIO of AJS Hotels said. “That includes our security and compliance obligations. VENZA is the perfect partner to help us meet those obligations because of the personalized, holistic approach they take to securing the hospitality industry.”   

To meet their property PCI DSS obligations AJS Hotels selected VENZA’s Everest® program which includes PCI DSS SAQ Preparation, a policy template library, phishing campaigns, internal/external network scanning, a personal program coach, posters/job aids, webinars and data breach coverage. 

To improve their corporate data protection efforts, AJS Hotels has also selected the Denali® program to build a “human firewall” around guest and company information. 

“These two packages are the perfect combination for organizations like AJS Hotels.,” said Julie Barter, VP of Sales at VENZA. “We like to be flexible with how we implement our programs, because no two businesses have the same needs. We’re delighted to be working with the AJS Hotel team to help achieve their goals.”   

About AJS Hotels  

AJS Hotels is a family-owned corporation dedicated to Louisville’s success. The company’s mission is to be the company of choice for associates and clients.  Visit their website at https://www.ajshotels.com/ or contact them directly at info@ajshotels.com .