Best Pricing in Years on Essential Security

Hospitality is a global business. Guests come from near and far. 

Similarly, technology systems are global. It does not matter where the corporate headquarters of technology system providers are located. Only system capabilities and (of course) price matters.

Traditionally, IT security has not been global; hotel groups have looked locally for data protection expertise and supporting solutions. However, this approach is inferior to the current needs. To address the continuously growing complexity of today’s security requirements, solutions are more complex. Competent management of security, too, must grow in sophistication.

Paradoxically, the challenge of the COVID19 pandemic has created a savings opportunity for European hotel groups. Dramatic shifts in the currency market make it considerably less expensive for savvy Eurozone hoteliers to deploy state-of-the-art managed security solutions for a fraction of the cost.

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*The summer of 2017 was the last time the US Dollar was so weak against the Euro.  

The time is now! Cyber-attacks are up by as much as 131% since the start of the pandemic. Occupancy rates struggle to achieve 50%. Approximately 87% of hotels are having to furlough staff. It is imperative to act today to achieve a superior data security posture AND save money. 

As a subsidiary to a US-based enterprise, VENZA Group BV (based in The Hague, Netherlands) is uniquely positioned to deliver hospitality-specific, managed data security expertise and solutions (MSP) at more competitive prices than locally sourced alternatives. 

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