Venza Group’s CTO Attends Tin Can API Workshop

On March 8th, 2013, Venza Group’s CTO, David Christianson, attended a full day workshop entitled “The New Learning Paradigm-Tin Can API” hosted by Kennesaw State University and ASTD. The workshop was targeted to training managers, IDs, developers, project managers, managers, directors and training, learning and development C-level executives. Topics of focus included how training can […]

More Thoughts on PCI Compliance in the Cloud

In a previous posting, we discussed the guidelines regarding PCI compliance in the cloud that the PCI Security Standards Council recently released. Here, we offer additional thoughts on what this might mean for hotels and other processors of customers’ private data.  As a starting point, the guidance confirms that the PCI-DSS applies to all organizations […]

PCI Data Security May Become Binding Law

The Iowa legislature is considering a bill that would codify the PCI data security standards, a signal that these standards may be influential for general data security, not just security of payment card information.  If adopted, hotels in Iowa—and possibly out-of-state hotels engaging in transactions with Iowa residents—would be required to be PCI compliant and […]

2013 Trustwave Global Security Report Highlights Continuing Need for PCI Compliance Training to Prevent Data Breaches

On February 13th, Trustwave, a security services firm, released key findings from its 2013 Trustwave Global Security Report.  For the first time, the retail industry surpassed the hospitality industry as the number one target for cybercriminals.  Hotels, however, remain a desired target and should remain vigilant against cyber-attacks.  “Cybercriminals will never stop trying to compromise […]

Insufficient Hospitality Technology Solutions May Be Impairing Payment Card Industry Compliance.

On February 13th, SecurityMetrics released findings from its annual Payment Card Threat Report.  According to the report, two-thirds of merchants are not compliant with the PCI DSS because they have insufficient credit card security and fail to eliminate sensitive personal information.  “Dated technology is incapable of assisting its owner to meet today’s current payment security […]

PCI Compliance and E-Commerce

PCI Security Standards Council recently issued guidelines to assist merchants, including those in the hospitality industry, with payment card security in e-commerce environments. PCI-DSS requirements apply to e-commerce environments for both the merchant and any e-commerce payment processors used by the merchant. Hotels, like any merchant, must understand that regardless of the extent of outsourcing […]

News from AGG’s International Business Practice

AGG Partner Michael E. Burke, a specialist in export controls with Arnall Golden Gregory’s International Business and Global Logistics and Transportation practices, has authored an AGG Client Alert with important information regarding how to use Section 337 to mitigate losses from Intellectual Property or Trade Secret theft.  A Measure of Self-Help Against Cyber Attacks: Using Section 337 […]

Retailers, Hotels Hit By Majority Of Cyber-Crime

According to this article by Tech Week Europe, “Hotels, restaurants and shops accounted for 78 percent of the breaches analysed by security firm Trustwave in 2012.” Read more to learn about easy targets, web flaws targeted and Russian data dumps.

Academics Examine the Need for Government Intervention in Payment Card Security.

In December 2012, the DePaul Business & Commercial Law Journal published an article, “Private Ordering in Light of the Law: Achieving Consumer Protection through Payment Card Security Measures.”  The article examines the need for government intervention in payment card security or whether market solutions and private payment card security regimes, such as the PCI Data […]

Europol Publishes Report Identifying Payment Card Security Risks.

On January 7th, Europol published its “Situation Report: Payment Card Fraud 2012,” which includes certain findings of particular significance to the hospitality industry in the United States, including: The Report concludes that the criminal market for payment card fraud within the European Union is dominated by well-structured and globally-active organized crime groups. The Report also […]