Hospitality eResources Training Division to host National Series of Bootcamps on Hotel Data Security

(Lake Worth, FL November 5th, 2015) HeR Consulting has announced 2016 dates and cities for the innovative training series “Protecting Guest & Employee Data in Hotels.” Adding to an already robust portfolio of eLearning and custom in-person training options, this latest addition features a full day of instruction featuring leading industry experts from Verizon Enterprise […]

VENZA® Provides PCI Compliance Training for Heritage Hotels of New Zealand

(Atlanta, Ga – November 2015) VENZA has been chosen by Heritage Hotels, the New Zealand-based hotelier to provide payment card industry (PCI) compliance training. The training is to protect the safety of hotel guests’ data through the implementation of VENZA’s PEAK® Compliance Training for Hoteliers. “Heritage Hotels are widely recognized as a progressive New Zealand hotel […]

VENZA and Centrada Solutions Partner to Provide Security Solutions

(Atlanta, Ga – October 2015) Through an ongoing partnership with VENZA, Centrada Solutions is providing its clients with a comprehensive data security (PCI Compliance and PII) awareness training solution. Based on a unique variation of VENZA’s PEAK® security awareness training for hoteliers, PEAK® for Centrada includes employee and manager training modules that build necessary PCI […]

Sage Hospitality Expands Use of VENZA Educational Programs

(Atlanta, GA – September 2015) VENZA partners with Sage Hospitality as the Denver-based hotel owner/operator makes use of VENZA’s PCI Compliance training in 2015. “Sage Hospitality recognizes that it’s not enough for employees to just undergo training. They have to walk away from it able and motivated to apply what they’ve learned,” says Jeff Venza, CEO […]

VENZA Adds EMV, Tokenization Modules to PCI Compliance Program

(Atlanta, GA – September 2015) In the wake of new payment data security standards, including the rollout of EMV (Eurocard, MasterCard and VISA) cards and tokenization card technology in the United States, VENZA is adding two new modules to its PEAK® PCI Compliance education program for hoteliers. Developed in partnership with the law firm of Arnall […]

VENZA Helps Davidson Hotels & Resorts Protect Guest Information

(Atlanta, GA – June 1, 2015) VENZA is working with Davidson Hotels & Resorts to support the company’s efforts to protect data security at its portfolio of 35+ properties throughout the United States. The Atlanta-based hospitality management company is implementing the VENZA PEAK® Compliance program to develop the skills, knowledge, and processes to minimize risk for the […]

VENZA Provides Customized Role-Based Curriculum to Support Blue Mountain Resorts’ Compliance Efforts

(Atlanta, GA – July 2015) VENZA has developed a customized, role-based curriculum to help Ontario-based Blue Mountain Resorts meet the Payment Card Industry’s PCI DSS requirements while increasing the security and safety of data across its various lodging options. “The hospitality industry as a whole is uniquely vulnerable when it comes to data security issues,” says […]

VENZA and Diamond Resorts International Partner to Deliver Performance-Based Training to All Resorts Worldwide

(Atlanta, Ga – July 2015) VENZA is working with Diamond Resorts International®, to provide performance-based and workforce effectiveness training to each resort around the world. Las Vegas-based Diamond Resorts International is working with VENZA in connection with development and is a customer of VENZA’s Learning Management System (LMS). “The hospitality industry is unique, with specific […]

VENZA and Magnolia Hotels Partner to Address PCI Compliance in the Hospitality Industry

(Atlanta, Ga – June 2015) VENZA and Magnolia Hotels are partnering up to benefit from each organization’s expertise in the areas of PCI compliance training and hospitality industry risk management. Magnolia Hotels, the owner and operator of six hotels in five cities, including the original Magnolia Hotel in downtown Denver, has implemented VENZA’s PCI training modules at […]