VENZA Demystifies Blended Learning with the Training Content Grid™

(Roswell, GA – October 9th, 2013) In an effort to continue to bring breakthrough strategic thinking to their clients, in the summer of 2013 VENZA created the Training Content Grid. A model especially designed for training professionals, its strength lies in how effectively it plots training content types against the learner’s relationship to the content and […]

Hospitality Webinar Series in Full Swing

(Roswell, GA – September 10th, 2013) A company that has built its reputation on the creation of custom, self-paced eLearning modules for hoteliers and hospitality-industry suppliers, the Venza Group has launched their Hospitality Webinar Series to showcase their industry knowledge as well as that of their partner organizations. Throughout the summer of 2013, the first […]

VENZA PEAK™ Adds Another Title, Security Awareness

Roswell, GA – (May 29th, 2013) – There is, quite simply, an astonishing number of financial transactions (i.e. payment card purchases) being handled by employees on practically every rung of the hospitality industry ladder of professionals. As with most things, dangerous habits usually put the both the perpetrator as well as those around him/her at […]

VENZA® and Hospitality Evolution Resources Join Forces to Create the Industry’s First “Protecting Personally Identifiable Information” Training Curriculum

Lake Worth, FL– (May 21, 2013) – The Venza Group and Hospitality Evolution Resources are joining forces to develop the first robust and insightful training curriculum dedicated to the hospitality industry on the topic of protecting “Personally Identifiable Information” (PII).  Scheduled for launch June 2013, the initial 4-pack of online training modules will teach hospitality […]

VENZA Throws Another Charity Event: The Biggest Yet!

(Alpharetta, GA – November 6th, 2012) Their biggest event yet, the Venza Group celebrated five years in business by acknowledging the needs of Georgia’s foster and adoptive families. This year’s charity fundraiser was sponsored to provide financial assistance to Supporting Adoption and Foster Families Together (SAFFT). SAFFT is a Georgia-based not-for-profit that provides supportive foundations […]

Tested, Retested, and Tested Again: VENZA Learning Management System completes rigorous assessment by Clear Skies Security

(Alpharetta, GA – November 1, 2012) Through a rigorous series of technical tests, the Venza Learning Management System (LMS) earned the coveted determination of being a “low risk” technology. Conducted by the highly reputable firm Clear Skies Security (Clear Skies), the Application Security Assessment was designed to identify security issues in the application and put […]

VENZA commits to on-the-ground tech support in Africa and the islands of the Indian Ocean through its partnership with HISA

var switchTo5x=true;stLight.options({publisher: “77026d2b-0ca6-4f82-b82a-eb2ead0162c5”}); (Alpharetta, GA – October 5, 2012) Today’s business leaders are aware that when it comes to technical support, distance will not likely make the heart grow fonder. It is for this reason that the Venza Group has sought the right partner to guarantee the real-time support its valued customers in South Africa […]

New Home for the Venza Group

(Alpharetta, GA – August 10th, 2012) After over 4 years of continuous operational expansion from an Alpharetta location, the Venza Group is moving. A leading-edge company dedicated to pushing the limits of technology-based learning, as is evident in their pioneering work in training intelligence (i.e. Traintel® technology), they have simply outgrown their current office setting. […]

NY Legislature to Hotels: “Prevent Harassment!”

  (Alpharetta, GA – June 20, 2012) On January 18, 2012, New York legislators proposed a bill to require hotels and motels to provide sexual harassment training to their employees.  According to the bill, this hospitality-specific training must be interactive – either instructor-led or web-based training – where the learners are prompted to interact with […]