Ensuring Results with Your Data Security Initiatives Using Gamification

It may appear counter-intuitive to try and tackle something as serious as data security with a seemingly cavalier learning technique like gamification. However, the conclusive results associated with the introduction of games in workplace learning demand the attention of anyone looking to change behaviors. This certainly applies to all hoteliers keen on establishing a shared […]

Beyond PCI – Are hotels ready for the new world of Guest Data Privacy and Security?

Privacy concerns are paramount in virtually every industry, especially when it comes to personal information like Social Security numbers, credit card and banking data, and medical history. In the hospitality industry, which sees millions of visitors a year, the securing of data is a mounting concern with breaches making news headlines on a regular basis. […]

Dogs Have Owners, Hotels Have Staff

In traffic yesterday I saw a bumper sticker that read “Dogs have owners, cats have staff.” Given the sticker was surrounded by other feline-themed paraphernalia, I surmised that the driver was boasting her personal capacity to successfully coexist with Tigger, Boots, or whatever the name she gave to her cat, regardless if the cat actually […]

How to Create Learning Strategy Goals in 3 Steps

The primary component of a Learning Strategy is a set of goals or objectives that need to be achieved around learning and development. There are several steps involved in generating a cohesive and comprehensive set of goals. The list of goals is generated using the following methods: 1.  Conduct a needs assessment. A strategic needs […]

5 Elements of a Learning Strategy

Once you have a solid set of goals derived from all aspects of the organization, it’s time to start formulating your Learning Strategy. The elements of a Learning Strategy are technology, content, administration and support, communication, and financial analysis. 1. Technology In general, there are two types of eLearning technologies used for delivering learning content: […]

SMAC Talk: Four Ways to Compete in the Middle of a Talent Shortage

Not to be confused with the exchange of taunts by athletes, SMAC is a helpful acronym. Each letter represents a direction in workplace learning that, if utilized together, they may combat hospitality’s globally crippling talent shortage. At the very least, they will boost your ability to compete. Today’s dizzying multichannel marketplace offers attractive promotional packages […]