(Alpharetta, GA – June 1, 2012) The world’s largest hospitality technology show, HITEC (June 25th – June 28th, 2012) will host thousands of hotel industry executives and vendors from all over the globe gathering to learn about new technology. Leading the industry education sessions at this year’s event will be the “PCI Boot Camp”, sponsored by the leader of the hospitality training space, the Venza Group.

Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance is one of the hottest topics this year.  According to the American Hotel & Lodging Association, over 55% of all credit card fraud comes from the hospitality industry.  In a recent article by the national law firm of Arnold Golden Gregory (AGG), over 38% of all credit card breaches occur in hotels and the average fine from a credit card company is $182 per transaction. With these sobering numbers, it is no wonder that credit card security and awareness is on the forefront of the minds of hotel operators, especially when many of the world’s largest hoteliers have all suffered from a lack of PCI compliance.

Once the hotel has secured the data and is in accord with the stringent requirements of the credit card companies, how do hotels stay in compliance? Furthermore, how do hoteliers ensure that all their employees are aware of the policies that protect their guests’ invaluable credit card information?

The Venza Group is addressing this need through the development of an interactive cloud based training program.  They have partnered with AGG to create the PCI Compliance courses, which are perennially updated to keep abreast with regulations.  Additionally, there is a business intelligence layer which allows hotel management to track performance trends by their learners, thereby allowing hoteliers to further mitigate their risk and stave off an infraction.


VENZA is passionate about the development of technology and services that enable hotels to feel more secure concerning guest data breaches and human vulnerability. With decades of experience, VENZA has the knowledge and experience to empower hotels and their employees to tackle the dynamic cybercrime and guest security landscape.

Over 10,000 properties in over 100 countries look to the VENZA for tools, technology, and strategic security support. Founded in 2008, VENZA is a privately held company and headquartered in Roswell, GA. For more information, please call 770.685.6500 or visit