Administered by RGS (Royal Group Services, LLC), this $100,000 data breach policy covers your merchants for the costs of forensic audits, fees and fines from Visa/MC, equipment replacement in lieu of fines ($15,000 sublimit), cost of required consumer notifications ($10,000 sublimit), and more… All with a $0 deductible. Managed by the North American Data Security Risk Purchase Group (NADS RPG).

North American Data Security Risk Purchase Group (NADS RPG) is the most comprehensive and cost effective breach protection program in the payments industry. This program provides up to $100,000 in protection against normal losses associated with a data breach that involves cardholder data.

Coverage Summary:
$100,000 in Payment Systems Data Breach Protection that Covers:
• Cost of the mandatory forensic audit
• Card replacement costs and related expenses
• PCI DSS and regulatory fines and assessments resulting from a breach
• Cost of Account Data Compromise Recovery (ADCR) fines for credit card fraud
• Software and Hardware Upgrades when ordered in lieu of a fine, under a sublimit of $15,000
• Breach notification expenses, under a sublimit up to $10,000
– Drafting of notification letters
– Printing and mailing expense
– Required media notifications (newspaper or radio announcement)

Who is covered?
Includes all PCI DSS Level 2, 3 and 4 merchant accounts, regardless of whether the merchant is PCI DSS compliant or not at the time of the breach.

What if there is a suspected breach?
If there is a breach or suspected breach, call our QSA team to connect with you and your merchant and to assist in explaining the process and recommending to-do’s and connecting with appropriate PFI companies.

The following portal can be accessed by the merchant and the Client/ISO/Bank to provide the information on the program and to discuss claims process, etc.

VENZA offers data breach protection to organizations that maintain an active license of our Everest™ package.
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