Secure the inbox, guard against threats, and protect the business and end-users with VENZA MSP Email Threat Protection.

Antispam and Antivirus | Advanced Threat Protection | Intuitive Quarantine

Don’t let the inbox be the weakest link in your company’s security posture. Email Threat Protection provides multi-layered filtering that permits legitimate email while keeping out malicious threats such as phishing, impersonation, malware, ransomware, and spam-type messages.

With increases in social engineering, broad-based spam, and targeted attacks, cybercriminals are exploiting known vulnerabilities in the biggest email providers to steal any possible privileged information. In many cases, businesses don’t catch the breach, don’t know how to assess the damage, or don’t have tools for remediation.

According to Verizon, 90% of threats start with email. Email Threat Protection ensures that a major business vulnerability is secured with a sophisticated and effective solution that’s easy to implement and manage. Plus, Email Threat Protection works seamlessly with our other Security, Compliance, and Productivity services. Together, they form a fully integrated platform that allows you to create a secure, modern workplace.

Adaptive, machine learning capabilities
Multi-layer filtering (envelope, header, body, attachment, URL analysis)
Link protection (Time-of-click analysis)
Attachment assurance — quarantine and sandboxing (optional)
Message retraction for Microsoft 365 environments (optional)
Simple, yet comprehensive and flexible controls
Security information and event management (SIEM) integration
Email continuity (optional)
24/7/365 Real-time threat analysts
All supported by VENZA MSP Help Desk

Helps prevent security breaches by protecting a business vulnerability
Provides strong security and defense against existing and evolving threats
Easy to optimize per business needs
Keeps employees secure and efficient by reducing malicious emails
Simple to manage and support

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