Harness the Information – Transforming “tmi” into “lol”

(Alpharetta, GA – March 24, 2009) Forty years ago (in 1969), Peter Drucker foretold that the “great management task” of the 21st Century would be to make knowledge work productively. In 1970, Alvin Toffler coined the term Future Shock to describe the “massive adaptational breakdown” that would come from how the things we think we “know” will change at exponential rates. Can we say, then, that in 2009 too much information or “tmi” is more than just a pop-culture catch phrase? Has your company arrived at the point of organizational malady because of tmi? Do we have a pandemic on our hands?

While researchers define and study the effects of “information overload” and it’s problematic offspring “analysis paralysis”, today’s average manager wrestles with receiving over 100 emails a day. Employees spend approximately 25% (107 minutes) of their workday reading, reviewing, and responding to emails. The bottom line is that today’s workforce spends much of their day processing instead of producing. Is there any way to get a handle on tmi?


The Venza Group announces an updated, 2009 version of their Microsoft Outlook® training curriculum. Learn how to utilize Outlook® as a productivity tool and create powerful information and time management systems. The Venza Group will show you how to use robust features such as Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, and Notes to improve efficacy and manage information across your entire organization.

The Venza Group offers:

  • Instructor-led Workshops
  • Web-based Training (eLearning) – NEW!
  • One-on-One Coaching

Through the Microsoft Outlook® training curriculum you will:

  • Tackle your issues facing the technology workplace
  • Show you a new way that addresses the volume of information being received today
  • Help you understand how to use tools we use every day to their fullest potential
  • Create new and simple processes to manage an overloaded Inbox
  • Reduce time spent looking for needed information, and
  • Customize a time management system based on your work style and personality

Trade your communicational disease for health by powerfully using the tools you already own. Transform your tmi lethargy for lol vivacity.


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