Introducing VENZA Echo

VENZA echo banner

You asked, we listened – we’re announcing a brand-new feature for 2023: our newsletter, the VENZA Echo.

At least weekly, we’ll be updating our site with news about the latest trends, threats, and thought leadership from our position as data protection and regulatory compliance providers for the hospitality industry.

You can expect:

  • Monthly themes with weekly articles. January’s theme is our “Critical Security Threats Series”, focusing on the top dangers we see in the cybersecurity landscape. Our first article on Hacking MFA will be published this week.

  • Standalone alerts that pass along essential need-to-know information. When we’re aware of an emerging threat or trend, readers of the VENZA Echo will be the first to know.

  • Product and company updates that share the latest news from VENZA.

  • An optional monthly digest version delivered directly to your inbox.

Hospitality Webinar Series


Critical Security Series


The Philosophy of Cybersecurity


Staying Ahead on Compliance


Advanced Phishing Defense


Cybersecurity Insurance


Protecting Personal Devices

We’re excited about the value that this medium can deliver to our clients and look forward to exploring and expanding upon it during the year.

If you have feedback or requests for topics that you’d like covered feel free to reach out to Customer Success at any time.