Standing for Domestic Tranquility: A Dream Worth Dreaming

(Alpharetta, GA – May 3rd, 2009) Every day four women die in this country as a result of domestic violence. That’s 1,400 women a year. Closer to home in Georgia, in 2007, there were at least 118 deaths due to domestic violence, and then in 2008, at least 111 Georgians lost their lives to domestic violence. So, domestic violence is everywhere and right in our own back yard. In a quote by U.S. Congressman Mark Green, “If the numbers we see in domestic violence were applied to terrorism or gang violence, the entire country would be up in arms, and it would be the lead story on the news every night.”

Whereas it is reasonable to feel this issue is beyond an individual’s ability to make a difference, over the last 20 years, more has been done to help women in violent relationships than ever before. Outreach programs have sprung up in most cities around the world and especially here in Atlanta, GA, where increasing numbers of people are being trained to recognize and help stop abuse when they see it.

WADT Inc., located in Duluth, GA, is one such organization. In collaboration with several non-profit domestic violence and housing service agencies, they address the domestic violence crisis by providing unique, long-term, comprehensive solutions that go beyond emergency services. These solutions are aligned with programs that help survivors make permanent life changes. They provide services customized to meet the unique needs of each victim, such counseling, child care, mentoring, job search assistance, life skill training, and GED preparation, to name a few.

A leading provider of tools, technology, and strategic thinking in the Southeast, the Venza Group, along with Music for Charities, recently sponsored a charity event to help raise awareness and money to support WADT. The event took place at UTOPIA Cajun and Tapas Lounge in Atlanta, GA, on Sunday evening, May 3, 2009. The evening was filled with excitement while attendees enjoyed great food, wonderful fellowship, a fashion show, and live entertainment by local R&B artist Timothy Campbell (TC2). After the event, a generous donation was made to WADT to help support their efforts in providing tools and services to all the women who come to them for help.

Cindy Williams, WADT leader, said the following about her collaboration with the Venza Group: “We will remain eternally grateful to the Venza Group for reaching out to us. Our relationship with the Venza Group has just begun with this event. We look forward to working with them to develop a Learning Management System (LMS) at WADT to support all our course offerings. My heart is filled with genuine adoration and respect for the Venza Group.”

Community involvement is a central part of the Venza Group’s vision. With an authentic commitment to community-wide compassion, the Venza Group frequently partners with organizations such as WADT to demonstrate that what they stand for is more than what they as a company can provide, but also, how they can connect with others at the core of what they are passionate about.

For more information about the event and/or the organizations mentioned above, go to WADT, Inc., the Venza Group, and Music for Charities.


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