Self-preservation is arguably the strongest behavioral motivator. But as data protection emerges more and more in the news and as fines are levied against big brands like Marriott/Starwood Hotels will data breaches become a primary concern for business leaders? Will they see both breaches as well as noncompliance-related challenges as serious business continuity risks? The very people that make the budgets have a chance to save their jobs sparing themselves from becoming collateral damage or save their money by taking the risks of non-compliance and negligent security practices. Why should they change their behavior when they have never had any trouble in the past? Why be scared of an invisible threat? This is how they have done business for years, why change now?

31% Job Loss Graphic

Now, it’s getting personal. New data shows that as many as 31% of data breaches have resulted in people losing their jobs. 27% of data breaches have put senior (non-IT) executives on the chopping block, the report from Kaspersky Labs said.

VENZA’s Everest™ program enables you to manage a robust data protection program and SAQ preparation for PCI DSS compliance. Build awareness, secure and monitor hotel properties, from networks to culture. The apex of the VENZA packages, this program contains all items found within the Matterhorn™ and Denali™ and much more.

The Everest™ package which includes PCI DSS SAQ Preparation, a policy template library, phishing campaigns, internal/external network scanning, a personal program coach, posters/job aids, webinars and data breach coverage.

Compliance is a journey, start yours today contact


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