There were many big breaches in 2018, here are the top 3:

1. Aadhar – 1.1 billion Indian residents

Date – The breach was discovered in March 2018
Aadhar, the Indian government portal for storing information of its residents and biometric info experienced a leak that gave anyone the access to obtain information from the Aadhar website. The compromised information included names of the Indian residents, their ID card numbers, and bank accounts.

2. Marriott/Starwood – 500 million guests

Date – 2014 – September 2018
Hackers accessed the reservation database of the hotel and copied guest information including phone numbers, email addresses, passport numbers, and even credit card numbers.

3. Exactis – 340 million US citizens

Date – June 2018
A security expert found a vulnerability in the publicly accessed server that exposed detailed information of many US citizens. The information compromised included phone numbers, addresses, and personal preferences of the members.

Source: Digital Information World

Are we really any better off than we were in 2017? 
Are businesses adopting best (or even better) practices? 
The top attack methods:

TREND or BLIP?: Ransomware attacks doubled from 13% to 27%.

Source: Accenture