VENZA Adds Eight New PEAK® Basic Learning Path Language Translations

Industry-Leading Data Security and Privacy Training Platform Now Available to a Wide Array of Users

VENZA’s core PEAK® Basic Learning Path, an introduction to the fundamental principles of information security, has received a significant upgrade with the addition of eight new language translations. Now offered in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Thai, in addition to its original English version, PEAK provides coverage to a much more expansive user base than ever before. All components of the Basic Learning Path are now available in each translated language, providing an immersive and accurate training tool for employees who are not fluent in the English language.

The PEAK Basic Learning Path seamlessly integrates courses on Data Protection Basics, Protecting Payment Card Information, Protecting Personal Information, and Social Engineering to generate a compact yet comprehensive compliance training fit for users of all experience levels. Designed to be accessible for every employee, the Basic Learning Path provides an overview of the principles of information security and drills into select key concepts, while laying the groundwork for further Intermediate- and Advanced-level courses. With a total runtime under thirty minutes, the PEAK Basic Learning Path is an optimized, efficient tool for hardening the “human firewall” at every company.

“The addition of new language translations to our PEAK courses has been an important priority to ensure excellent employee understanding and retention of rigorous, thorough training in privacy and data protection,” said Barbara Espinosa, Product Manager at VENZA. “We remain committed on enhancing our products to serve our customers around the world. VENZA has already updated the PEAK platform and our websites to be multilingual, and we are now proud to bring our content offerings to additional users as well.”

Further improvements are also in progress. In upcoming quarters, VENZA will offer additional translations of the Basic Learning Path and non-English translations of its Intermediate and Advanced learning paths. Proctored Training, currently available in both English and Spanish, will soon be translated into Chinese, French, and Portuguese as well.

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