VENZA Announces the Sherpa™ for Effective Gap Training

(Alpharetta, GA – June 17, 2010) After a long road that included over 6 months of usability testing, development, and subsequent quality-assurance testing, the Venza Group is proud to announce the release of the Venza

Sherpa™ v2.2, an eGuide building tool and the only one of its kind. Launching the Sherpa™ is just the latest training industry contribution by the Venza Group, a company consisting of learning leaders that provide tools, technology, and strategic thinking around the globe.

What began as an internal development tool, the Venza Sherpa™ affords the opportunity for instructional designers and technologists to develop engaging eGuides that are easy to build, easy to maintain, and easy to deploy.

The use of eGuides (AKA “electronic job aids”) has proven to be an effective Gap Training solution for organizations that seek to eliminate the difference between the job skills personnel actually have and the skills they need to be competitive in the marketplace. Employing eGuides assures high marks for training departments in the Four Corners of Effective Gap Training, which are:

  1. Developmental Ease (i.e. Assembly)
  2. Operational Agility (i.e. Deployment)
  3. Attractive Graphic Design
  4. Sound Instructional Design

The Venza Sherpa™ v2.2 is available as software-as-a-service (SaaS) and is ideal for training professionals in search of a SCORM conformant, XML-based tool that also includes a printing feature. The print feature, in particular, is an important part of what makes the Sherpa™ perfect for diverse learning groups, regardless of their level of technological savvy.

“We’re excited to be in the position to share this technology, which has allowed our team to be so very effective as solution providers, to training professionals everywhere.” said Venza Group COO, Daniel Johnson.


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