VENZA and Centrada Solutions Partner to Provide Security Solutions

(Atlanta, Ga – October 2015) Through an ongoing partnership with VENZA, Centrada Solutions is providing its clients with a comprehensive data security (PCI Compliance and PII) awareness training solution. Based on a unique variation of VENZA’s PEAK® security awareness training for hoteliers, PEAK® for Centrada includes employee and manager training modules that build necessary PCI and PII knowledge and awareness to support compliance efforts for all of Centrada’s clients.

“One of the most important things that Centrada does is fill gaps for their clients,” says VENZA’s COO, Daniel Johnson. “The PCI and PII modules we provide fill gaps in payment card and personal information awareness compliance. The program was customized to fit Centrada’s specific needs. It is a ‘best of’ selection from our standard PCI and PII modules, condensed into an in-depth, thorough learning experience.”

Offering a complete look at compliance, the program for Centrada satisfies HFTP Continuing Education standards and contributes to credits. Centrada also provides all of the tools needed to roll out the programs, including course administration.

“We partnered with VENZA because we were looking for a way to help our clients address their PCI and PII compliance concerns,” says Steve Woodward, President of Centrada Solutions. “With VENZA’s high-quality content and focus on the hospitality industry, this was an easy choice for us to make. And now, they’ve made it easy for us to deliver more value to our clients.”

Through their partnership with VENZA, Centrada also has its own instance of the VENZA Learning Management System™ (LMS/LCMS), which is a cloud-based learning management solution that allows Centrada to create, manage and track interactive training courses and learning programs.

“This solution is a good example of the strengths of two companies working together to serve the needs of hotel clients,” says Johnson. “With the expertise we each bring to the table, and the shared focus on the hospitality sector, it’s been a great partnership. We look forward to continuing to work with the Centrada team to help their clients meet their training and compliance needs.”


VENZA is passionate about the development of technology and services that enable hotels to feel more secure concerning guest data breaches and human vulnerability. With decades of experience, VENZA has the knowledge and experience to empower hotels and their employees to tackle the dynamic cybercrime and guest security landscape.

Over 10,000 properties in over 100 countries look to the VENZA for tools, technology, and strategic security support. Founded in 2008, VENZA is a privately held company and headquartered in Roswell, GA. For more information, please call 770.685.6500 or visit

About Centrada Solutions
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