VENZA Demystifies Blended Learning with the Training Content Grid™

(Roswell, GA – October 9th, 2013) In an effort to continue to bring breakthrough strategic thinking to their clients, in the summer of 2013 VENZA created the Training Content Grid. A model especially designed for training professionals, its strength lies in how effectively it plots training content types against the learner’s relationship to the content and organizational objectives. Equipped with key performance indicators, the Training Content Grid is a helpful tool for organizations in pursuit of effective blended learning initiatives.

Blended learning has been almost universally lauded as the best approach for the satisfaction of training and educational needs. Done well, it harnesses technology-based solutions without compromising on the individuality of the learner. Because a blended solution can leverage multiple formats from group projects to one-on-one sessions to games/simulations, the right approach can deliver against what learning and development experts call “multiple learning modalities”.

The Training Content Grid is an adaptation of the Eloqua/JESS3 Content Grid v2 (2011). Much like the Training Content Grid, the Eloqua/JESS3 model came in the form of an “info-graphic” and took the international community of marketers by storm. It serves as a simple framework for plotting content types against multiple dimensions. It is powerful, flexible, and accessible. The soundness of the Content Grid’s framework allows it to be transferable to other professionals who are also in the business of designing and developing content. Therefore, it has served as a springboard for VENZA’s Training Content Grid.

VENZA is embarking on a speaking tour to present the Training Content Grid. Conducted via collaborative workshops, attendees chart out blended learning strategies against hypothetical training initiatives such as a software rollout. Training professionals can then use the Training Content Grid to consider the multitude of training content options at their disposal and thereby craft actionable plans.

About Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson co-founded the Venza Group, is a partner, and holds the title of Chief Operations Officer. On a daily basis, he builds and reveals the world of training and communications possibilities for VENZA clients and team members through operational oversight, strategic initiatives and business development. Daniel’s primary focus is to facilitate VENZA operations so as to best serve the needs of our clients.


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