Venza Group’s CTO Attends Tin Can API Workshop

On March 8th, 2013, Venza Group’s CTO, David Christianson, attended a full day workshop entitled “The New Learning Paradigm-Tin Can API” hosted by Kennesaw State University and ASTD. The workshop was targeted to training managers, IDs, developers, project managers, managers, directors and training, learning and development C-level executives. Topics of focus included how training can be measured through mobile and e-learning activities, and how data is collated across multiple technologies into a single learning session.

“The Tin Can API is a brand new learning technology that captures streams of learning activities and experiences, both online and offline.” The new technology records learning methods from multiple interactions into quantifiable, sharable and trackable results. According to the workshop directors, it is the “next generation of SCORM and is poised to chance the paradigm of workplace learning.”

David attended the workshop to stay knowledgeable of the world of learning technology, and to get accustomed with the emerging Tin Can API/xAPI protocol. When asked what the most notable piece of information heard at the seminar was, David said, “that Venza Group has the chance of being at the beginning of the new industry launch of this amazing technology. We can be one of the first to adopt!”

Since Venza group is dedicated to providing our clients with cutting edge tools and technology, it can leverage this information in future e-learning development projects in its continuation of “giving clients and their end-users the latest and greatest training, experience, and tracking.”