VENZA Launches Vendor Security Assessments

Find out which vendors present a risk and get your risk score.

On the one-year anniversary since the announcement of the world’s first (and still only!) privacy management solution equipped with hospitality-specific templates, the partnership between The Privacy Company and VENZA once again bears fruit. This time, they have crafted a Third-Party Management solution that assesses the security risks associated with vendors, both current and prospective. This solution provides hotel groups with an easy-to-use system for managing the many agreements they have with their vendors (e.g. MSAs, SLAs, DPAs, AOCs) and assessing each vendor’s security posture.

This new Third-Party Management module within Privacy Nexus enables users to issue requests for submission of agreements and for the completion of assessments. Now, with this powerful new solution, hoteliers are in the driver’s seat when they set deadlines, schedule recurring assessments, and identify expiration dates. Fulfilling on the promise of “Better Visibility” for all VENZA Everest™ customers, this module includes a dashboard of all vendors. Vital information, including calculated risk scores, display. Finally, hoteliers see what their own risk is by doing business with their vendors.

The assessments follow industry-recognized best-practices based on PCI DSS as well as privacy compliance regulations. Timely and appropriate for the Post-COVID-19 world, vendors are also assessed on whether or not they are following the World Health Organization’s Accommodation Sector guidelines for infectious disease containment.

Business partnerships require trust but knowing whether vendors merit that trust is difficult. If you would like to know more about vendor security assessments or any other privacy management services, feel free to contact VENZA for a free demo of this new feature and find out your vendor’s risk score.