VENZA to Pay Employees To Vote in the Midterms

VENZA® to Pay Employees To Vote in the Midterms
Local Business Challenges Other Companies to Follow Suit
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VENZA has announced that it will accept the Baumgartens Challenge to encourage employees to vote in the upcoming midterm elections with a financial incentive.

“We agree with David Baumgarten that voting is a right and a privilege if employees can afford the time required to exercise that right,” said Daniel Johnson, VENZA Partner/Co-Founder. “Each of our employees will receive a gift card when they present proof that they have voted in the midterms with a picture at the polls and a voting sticker.”

Voting is critical, no matter who you support. By taking this step to incentivize employees, VENZA challenges other corporations nationwide to encourage their employees to get out and vote.


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