VENZA’s Vision for 2022

Greater Guidance, Impact and Insight Coming to VENZA Customers

VENZA began 2021 with bold, sweeping aims, and will conclude it by announcing the release of Vision ’22.

The first half of 2021 saw major developments with the acquisition of CyberTek MSSP adding managed security services to VENZA’s portfolio and the launch of the Product Webinar series showcasing the best developments from the VENZA Product Team.

Vision ’22, however, includes some of the most sizeable and substantive efforts VENZA has produced and delivered since its inception in 2008.

“This was a herculean effort from every corner of the organization,” Daniel Johnson, Partner/Co-Founder, said. “When we put the idea of Vision ’22 on paper, we realized how ambitious it was. But we also realized that with the right team and the right strategy, it was within our reach. We are all incredibly proud of this accomplishment, and we look forward to continuously innovating and improving our business to provide our customers with the best guidance and visibility we can.”

The highlights of Vision ’22 Include:


The Vision ’22 release of the proprietary VENZA GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) platform positions it as the central node in a comprehensive network of VENZA software and third-party solutions. This first stage release, slated for Q1 of 2022, features the centralization of user management across all VENZA platforms and a dynamic dashboard that will see constant enhancements as additional data inputs are built out.

What this means is no more complicated user uploads, modifications, or deletions, and much more visibility into the vital information that managers and staff need to perform their jobs as best they can and implement an effective security awareness and training program.

CyberTek MSSP

CyberTek offers a full suite of managed network and security services designed to eliminate the stress and costs of inhouse IT and infrastructure operations. This includes crucial services and products such as vulnerability scanning, dark web scans, and endpoint protection. All of which are flexible enough to either snap on to an existing information security program or form the foundation of a brand new one.

In the not-so-distant future, the VENZA GRC will be fully equipped with compliance and audit functions, tasking and project management, automated vendor risk management capabilities, and more.

PEAK Revamp

The PEAK learning management system (LMS) boasts a user interface (UI) that is completely reimagined with additional features and reporting functions, a unified data dashboard, and a phishing campaign manager.

Overhaul of Programs

The Product Development Team redesigned VENZA’s most widely used eLearning content. This content assists hundreds of organizations and thousands of users all over the world implement and enhance their security awareness and training programs.

By including stakeholder feedback in the redesign process, the team was able to prioritize those areas that required the most attention. The graphics style, the user interface and experience, and content redundancy have all been improved to ultimately provide a more satisfying and valuable product.

Upcoming Programs

Vision ’22 also explores the launch of two new programs: VENZA Lite and VENZA Proctored Training.

VENZA Lite is a lean, self-service program that comes with a handpicked selection of our most effective content at an affordable price. VENZA Lite is still in development, so please reach out and let us know if you’re interested in this offering.

VENZA Proctored Training, championed by the Customer Success Team, is a highly efficient 15-minute training session that takes place every Wednesday at 3 P.M. Eastern time and is intended to certify team members in a single session.

Security Awareness and Training Catalog

The Product Development Team also created VENZA’s first official Security Awareness Product Catalog exhibiting exciting, new training materials, eLearning updates, QR code-enhanced posters, and more. This catalog will be the go-to location for all Vision ’22 content updates, so be sure to check back regularly.