Why GDPR does affect hotels in the U.S.

What is the single biggest misconception on why GDPR does affect hotels in the US? 

I’ve heard people say:

“I don’t have hotels in Europe so it doesn’t affect me?” or they say “What governing body will uphold the law on US soil?”

it seems as though the biggest misconception regarding GDPR is that it is a “European thing” because privacy laws exist in 50+ countries. Also, there are laws in some US States and others are likely to be enacted soon. The extra-territoriality aspect of the GDPR is a big reason it gets more attention, especially for those US-based hotel groups that want to avoid getting into trouble with the US Department of Commerce. 

What is the single biggest miscommunication on CCPA?

I’ve heard people say they don’t operate hotels in California but that is not necessarily correct. There are approximately 40 million Californians. CCPA is designed to protect the residents of California from businesses (regardless of their locations) that are processing the personal data of Californians unlawfully.  

What states in the US besides California are launching privacy laws?

GDPR State Regulation Matrix

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