Privacy Regulation Compliance
Matterhorn creates strong data protection through industry-leading training resources.
Denali guides organizations to maximize data protection through training and tools that cement a security awareness culture.
PCI DSS Compliance
Everest builds a robust human firewall, lessens burdens of compliance, and mitigates business disruption risks.


  • Undestanding the Additional Cybersecurity Threat Vector for Night Shift Hotel Employees

    Hotel night shift employees are increasingly targeted by social engineering attacks. This feature of the VENZA Echo discusses the threat and how you can mitigate the risk.Read More »
  • Building a Data Protection Mindset

    Data protection can’t be simply checking a box or setting a one-size-fits-all company policy. It must be about building a mindset where the principles of data stewardship are valued at all levels and by all employees. Most who have followed this problem area know the above the be true. But, despite that, actually building and maintaining a strong culture remain exceptionally difficult. In this week’s feature of the VENZA Echo, we’ll look at why this is, why culture matters, and what practical steps you can take to strengthen your own culture.Read More »
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