Onsite Security Awareness Training: Bold Innovation on a Classic Approach 

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Industry-leading security awareness training for hoteliers is now available in an onsite format — Pathfinder ™, a powerful enhancement to their VENZA program.  

Expert instructors will come to your property, offering a quick, easy way to certify large groups of employees in the fundamentals of data protection. 

Following the in-person training session, Pathfinder enhancement subscribers gain exclusive access to a trove of reinforcement learning materials. 

Pathfinder Topics 

Data protection with Pathfinder

Data Protection

Introduction to the core ideas of data security.

Personal Information protection with Pathfinder

Protecting Personal Information 

Understanding and securing PII. 

Payment Protection with Pathfinder

Protecting Payment Card Information 

Fundamentals of credit card security.  

Defeat Social Engineering with Pathfinder

Social Engineering 

Identifying and defeating common threats like phishing. 

How It Works


Expert Instruction 

World-class teachers from VENZA will lead a group training session using our proprietary hospitality-focused curriculum. 

90 Minutes

90 Minutes

Sessions take only 1.5 hours to complete, quickly training your staff.

Training Guides with Pathfinder

Training Guides 

Each employee will receive a printed Pathfinder Training Guide for notetaking and supplemental instruction. 



Sessions conclude with individual assessments to verify the knowledge of your staff.

Pathfinder Certification

Immediate Certification 

Attendees are immediately certified as trained in Security Awareness — no waiting or delays.



Access our unique learning path of insights and best practices to create a culture of data protection awareness.

Why Pathfinder? 

Realize the benefits of VENZA’s brick-and-mortar training: 

Personalized Experience

Personalized, Experience. VENZA’s expert trainers directly engage your staff and answer their specific questions, providing an interactive experience. This ensures your employees get the information they need about your property’s unique security policies.

Save time with Pathfinder

Save Time & Effort. Pathfinder can quickly certify many employees. It reduces the administrative burden on your managers and is ideal for training staff with limited device access. 

Maximize effort with Pathfinder

Maximize Impact. Live training ensures your staff gives their undivided attention to training and keeps them engaged and focused on the material. This creates maximum security awareness, minimizing the risk of breaches. 

Cultivate a Security Culture

Cultivate a Security Culture. Access to the reinforcement materials, consisting of ever-evolving Pathfinder community insights and best practices, creates optimal applicability to current industry needs and drives retention. 

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