Learn how security investments pay off.

Cybersecurity insurance provides financial protection against damages and losses stemming from data breaches and other cyber events.

As with other kinds of insurance, the insured must apply to a third-party insurer and be deemed eligible for coverage. Once determined to be eligible, the insurer determines the monthly cost of insurance, known as the “premium.”

Surveys of major insurers show that, on balance, implementing cybersecurity programs like those from VENZA increase access to insurance and decrease premiums. In this way, investing in data protection and compliance returns the benefit of lower long-term costs and peace of mind against catastrophic financial loss.

To demonstrate how security investments may affect your premiums, we’ve created a Cybersecurity Insurance Calculator.

You will be asked a series of questions about your data protection and privacy policies. Answer each to the best of your ability. Once complete, you will receive your score and information about what it means for your risk profile.

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