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Security testing for unparalleled hotel defense.

Explore offers full spectrum simulated social engineering and pen testing attacks to identify, catalog, and report vulnerabilities. Our expert team systematically approaches a hotel’s operations and staff interactions to expose weaknesses. After the assessment, a detailed report outlines and scores the results—giving you an unparalleled foundation for defense. 

Over 90% of breaches rely on social deception. To fortify your frontline defense, it’s vital to test the resilience of your human firewall.  

360-Degree Assessment 

Modern threat vectors are multi-faceted and complex. That means that old-school assessments that check only one aspect of a property’s security no longer cut it. 

Broad spectrum defense requires comprehensive testing. To meet that need, Explore scrutinizes all aspects of your human firewall and physical defenses. 

Social EngineeringPhysical Pen Testing
In-person attempts to breach security through human interaction and manipulation. Testing physical security measures, like locks, access controls, and the effectiveness of security personnel. 
Social EngineeringPen Testing as a Service (PTaaS) 
Imitating digital social engineering attacks, such as phishing, smishing, and vishing scams. Next-gen, custom pen testing combined with automated testing for continuous actionable results.

Social Engineering Options 

Social engineering blends psychological manipulation and criminal tactics to con your staff into divulging confidential information. The financial and reputational costs of these attacks can be massive. 

Fraudulent emails to steal sensitive data.

Scams using SMS text messages.

Deceptive phone calls or voicemails.

In-person human interaction and manipulation.

To locate vulnerabilities and build resiliency to these threats, Explore simulates the most common and dangerous social engineering techniques and records your organisation’s responses.  

Unparalleled Benefits 

Better defense requires more than identifying vulnerabilities—it must also test them to map their risks.  

With Explore, you’ll gain the confidence of knowledge of which of your real-world security measures are working—and the possession of a tangible map to shore up those that aren’t. All Explore clients also receive: 


Expert Review 

VENZA Security Analysts are versed in the unique challenges of hoteliers and primed to spot vulnerabilities.

Actionable Reports 

Detailed findings with a proprietary Risk Score and recommendations for remediation. 

Post-Assessment Reinforcement 

Access to special instructional materials to build and maintain a strong security awareness culture. Available for Social Engineering only.

Delivery Options 

Getting started with Explore is easy. Options include: 

Standalone Assessment 

Schedule a custom time that works best for you for an independent audit. 


Site Visit Add-On

Enhance your scheduled Security Team site visit with additional on-property tests.  

Ready to get started? Contact sales@venzagroup.com to book now or add to your scheduled site visit.