GDPR Field Guide

A practical guide to the signature data privacy law—the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union.

Privacy Nexus Field Guide

Learn about Privacy Nexus—a VENZA partner for privacy and vendor management.

Data Privacy Guidebook

A comprehensive resource to provide foundational knowledge about data privacy law.

Languages: German, Spanish.

Brand Requirements

Learn about brand-level product coverage and gaps.

Locating Accountability

Navigate the balance of compliance accountability between the property, management group, and brand.

PCI DSS Quick Reference Guide

Overview of the requirements and importance of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Languages: German, Spanish.

Data Protection

Security Awareness Product Catalog

The Security Awareness Product Catalog showcases all VENZA’s training and educational products. The catalog includes product descriptions and web links for easy reference. To preview this content, request access here

Mitigating False Positives QRG

Quick Reference Guide with step-by-step instructions for email whitelisting during VENZA Phishing™ simulations.

Languages: German, Spanish.

Pen Testing vs. Vulnerability Scanning QRG

Quick Reference Guide covering the similarities and differences between two common data protection tools—penetration testing and vulnerability scanning.

Languages: German, Spanish.

White Papers

Risk Mapping for COVID-19

Mitigate and prevent crisis-based disruptions with planning and risk mapping.

Beyond PCI

Hotels process vast quantities of personal information. Learn why PCI is just the beginning.

Ensuring Results with Your Data Security Initiatives Using Gamification

Learn how to use games to make instruction more engaging, impactful, and fun.

How to Create Learning Strategy Goals

Learn the three essential steps for creating an effective learning strategy.


Brand Guide

VENZA Brand Guide.


A list of some of VENZA’s great clients.

Press Kit

Key information about VENZA for media coverage.

Client Logo Guidelines

VENZA’s rules for use of client logos in marketing and promotional material.

Languages: German, Spanish.


VENZA Products and Programs

Quick overview of VENZA offerings.

Languages: German, Spanish.


Overview of VENZA’s Pen Testing as a Service (PTaaS) product.

Languages: German.

Vendor Comparison Guide

See how VENZA stacks up against the comparable product offerings of the industry.

Languages: German, Spanish.