Pen Testing as a Service (PTaaS)

Test, strengthen and secure with Pen Testing


Pen Testing as a Service (PTaaS) simulates cyberattacks against your computer system to find vulnerabilities. PTaaS not only identifies vulnerabilities—it tests them to map their risks.

External and internal PTaaS determine outside points of entry to your network and the ability of threat actors to move laterally through your system. Using the same techniques as criminals, VENZA’s in-house experts equipped with advanced automated tools locate, catalog, and report your points of weakness—allowing us to find them before someone else does.

Next Gen Pen Testing

Next Gen Pen Testing

PTaaS combines advanced, custom pen testing with recurring automated testing, creating a unique complimentary method to continuously report actionable results. Leveraging the breadth of automation with the depth of human assessment, PTaaS enables organizations to evaluate cybersecurity risks in real time, providing cost-effective management of their security posture.

Leveraging Automation

Automated Pen Testing

VENZA PTaaS uses industry-leading, full-scale, cloud-based platforms to perform testing that is faster and more scalable, accurate, and consistent than traditional pen testing. With manual testing and retesting, followed by regularly scheduled automated tests, PTaaS provides frequent insights that were previously unobtainable. Your organization is always on—your security should be too.

How It Works 

VENZA’s in-house experts use the same tools and techniques as criminals to locate, catalog, and report your points of weakness. Our “white hat” ethical hacking team will deploy a variety of state-of-the-art methods to attempt to locate and exploit vulnerabilities—allowing us to find them before someone else does. 

VENZA offers both external and internal testing to determine outside points of entry to your network and the ability of threat actors to move laterally through your system. 

Testing includes a results report that identifies vulnerabilities and recommends solutions and a second follow-up test to verify remediation. As a unique benefit, VENZA Pen Testing also includes monthly automated recurring re-tests at no additional cost to you. 

Threat awareness with Pen Testing

Threat Awareness

Ongoing pen tests allow up-to-the-minute identification of risks.

Direct Pen Testing Link

Direct Link

Get real-time status updates and notifications of identified threats.

Exceptional Method

Exceptional Method

PTaaS uses the renowned MITRE ATT&CK framework, eliminating gaps and errors.

The VENZA Advantage   

VENZA delivers hoteliers an unparalleled pen testing experience. We eliminate friction from data protection by building our tools to be hospitality centered from the ground-up.

Help Desk

Full-Service Support 

Get pen testing, vulnerability scanning, and PCI DSS consultation all from one source—so you don’t have to start from scratch with new vendors.

Pen Testing Knowledge

Industry Knowledge

VENZA knows hospitality. From PMS/POS to Food & Beverage and public Wi-Fi, we understand the unique network set-up of hoteliers and where common vulnerabilities lie.

Pen Testing Expertise


VENZA’s in-house testers have extensive experience with ethical hacking and employ the latest techniques drawn from current threat intelligence.

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