Building a Data Protection Mindset

VENZA Echo Weekly Feature

Data protection can’t be simply checking a box or setting a one-size-fits-all company policy.

It must be about building a mindset where the principles of data stewardship are valued at all levels and by all employees.

Most who have followed this problem area know the above the be true. But, despite that, actually building and maintaining a strong culture remain exceptionally difficult.

In this week’s feature of the VENZA Echo, we’ll look at why this is, why culture matters, and what practical steps you can take to strengthen your own culture.

Security Building Starts at the Top: The Role of Leadership in Data Protection

VENZA Echo Weekly Feature

Culture is essential and starts at the top. This is as true for data protection practices as for most areas of business.

In this week’s feature of the VENZA Echo, we take a look at how leaders can set the tone for an organisational culture that prioritizes the safeguarding of personal information, not just for compliance but as a foundation of trust, respect, and integrity.

Dive into the full article to learn more about setting a strong data privacy culture from the top down and the lasting impact it can have on your company.

Cybersecurity By-The-Numbers: Key Statistics for 2024

VENZA Echo Weekly Feature

What’s in a number?

In cybersecurity—a lot.

This week’s feature of the VENZA Echo digs into some key statistics that frame how we’re approaching 2024. Get the facts, along with practical takeaways about what they mean for you.

Data Protection as Strategic Investment: Saving Money on Cyber Insurance

VENZA Echo Weekly Feature

Did you know? Bolstering your data security measures can lead to substantial savings on cyber insurance premiums.

From mitigating risks to enhancing compliance and incident response readiness, this week’s feature of the VENZA Echo discusses investing in data protection not only secures your data but also strengthens your bottom line.

Avoiding Cyber Insurance Denials

VENZA Echo Weekly Feature

Receiving cyber insurance is only half the battle.

Once covered, you have to ensure you’ll be eligible for coverage in the event of a claim.

Find out how to avoid claim denials in this week’s feature of the VENZA Echo.

Steady and Unstable? Insurance Premiums in 2024

VENZA Echo Weekly Feature

Cyber insurance remains a hot topic for hoteliers.

With increasing threats and brand requirements, what was once seen as a luxury item is now widely viewed as a necessity for prudent management companies.

Last year, we covered key aspects of the insurance market with a series of articles geared toward those new to the topic.

This month, the Echo is updating our coverage of the topic with information about the critical insurance issues of 2024, starting with the most important: pricing trends.

Sizing Up Data Privacy: Evaluating the Scope of Law

VENZA Echo Weekly Feature

How do you know which data privacy laws apply to you?

Even those who understand the rules of law—the rights granted to consumers and obligations placed upon controllers—are often challenged to know which laws govern them.

This week, the Echo continues our focus on data privacy by exploring the scope of law and criteria that determine its applicability.

Business-Side Compliance: Controller Obligations Under Data Privacy Law

VENZA Echo Weekly Feature

Last week’s feature of the VENZA Echo reviewed “consumer rights,” highlighting the power that individuals hold over how their information is collected and used.

This week, we turn our focus to another critical area: “controller obligations.”

These rules outline the responsibilities businesses like yours hold in managing personal data. From ensuring the security of data, to keeping you compliant, to building trust in your brand, these obligations are pivotal.