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Hundreds of hotel management organizations rely on VENZA for programs to promote data protection awareness as well as ensure compliance to laws, regulations, and requirements. The context-rich content, organized to be appropriate for job roles, suits most hoteliers.

Cyber Attacks Are Spiking – Is Your Hotel Prepared?

Steven Chabinsky once said, “Thinking of cybersecurity solely as an IT issue is like believing that an entire company’s workforce, from the CEO down, is just one big HR issue.” As we head into the third quarter of 2021, this sentiment rings more true than ever before.

Are Millennials Ready to be the Next Generation of Hospitality Leaders?

Are Millennials Ready to be the Next Generation of Hospitality Leaders?

Across industries, millennials have steadily transformed the workplace. Born between 1981 and 1996, millennials come to the table with a unique set of priorities, motivations, and commitment to political awareness. They are innovative, value-driven, curious, and, despite any stereotypical assumptions perpetuated through the ranks, they are a hard-working group.

Developing a People-First Approach to Mergers and Acquisitions

Developing a People-First Approach to Mergers and Acquisitions Photo

Sometimes, the most disruptive moments in our respective careers are the ones that derive the most meaning, setting us on course for incredible development and professional alignment. And contrary to popular belief, mergers and acquisitions can represent precisely that kind of moment.

Hoteliers: Why Compliance Doesn’t Equate to Data Security

Hoteliers, let me ask you a question. What does it mean to run a secure hotel? The answer may vary, depending on who you ask. Why? Because security, across any industry, is a multifaceted discipline and an essential consideration for brands that interact with customer data and information. Cybersecurity attacks are commonplace in today’s world, and hotels are increasingly attractive targets due to their association with a variety of sensitive data. In fact, two of the top five biggest data breaches made public in 2020 were at hotel chains. Globally, cybercrime damages are expected to reach $6 trillion by 2021.

Why the Hospitality “Skills Gap” Has Become a “Skills Chasm” Due to COVID-19

Just as you can’t “pour from an empty cup,” hotels can’t provide great service without the help of great staff – hospitality professionals know this to be unequivocally true. Hospitality is, in many ways, defined by its providers. Great hospitality isn’t simply the provision of a singular service; instead, it’s an experience, one that is continuously curated and delivered in a meaningful way via engaged staff, a pristine property, and the best available technological advances.

How to Prepare and Protect Against Technology Threats in a Changed World

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Sometimes, the biggest threats are the ones we can’t see. Surely, this sentiment rang true over the last year, as the COVID-19 virus swept across the nation, ushering in widespread fear and regulatory change in its wake. But now, as hospitality prepares for a long-awaited period of recovery, we must direct our attention to another unseen threat – data breaches. As our industry continues to adopt self-service technology to digitize the guest experience, guest data protection must be top of mind for every hotelier.