Drawing on decades of experience, VENZA can help you mitigate your data security vulnerabilities and ensure compliance, keeping your guests and their data safe from breaches. By delivering a security solution for readiness, reassurance and response, VENZA offers 360-degree visibility for proactive management of risks—so you can focus on guest service and building trust in your brand.

Employees are the first line of defense, and VENZA arms them with prevention, protection and intelligence tools to help them become your strongest asset in fighting security and data fraud.

Better visibility means better defense. Know your risks, protect your enterprise with VENZA.

By partnering with VENZA, we get more than technology, tools and training; we get their expertise. In fact, one of the reasons we asked them to speak at our conference is that they bring deep knowledge and experience to the table, both in the hospitality industry and through their association with the PCI Security Standards Council.
Rick TakachPresident and CEOVesta Hospitality