5 Min of Style Notes: 02/22/12

Thanks to those who attended.

Today we discussed an article about the ADDIE model. We made reference to:

  • The importance of ADDIE to the ISD community.
  • The imaginative analogy of ADDIE to the 5 Rules of Zen Buddhism.
  • The Zen concept of Design (Shibui) and the following passage from the article:

Think of design as minimalist that articulates brevity. If you decorate or carry it beyond what it was meant to be, then it becomes gauche rather than deco. Think lean by identifying the minimal steps and activities that will enable the learners to master the performance rather than overdoing it by including every possibility.* To help transform the learning from an activity to a process and reduce the complexity of training; determine the support, such as tools and performance aids, they will need to enable their performance in the workplace.

[*Bold mine]