5 Min of Style Notes: 04/04/12

Thanks to those who attended.

Today we discussed the role of the Job-Task Inventory (JTI).

We made reference to:

  • The value the JTI gives during the sales cycle to …
    • Scope projects accurately, and
    • Maintain objectivity between the project sponsor and their training partner.
  • How the preparation of a curriculum plan is benefited by the presence of a thoroughly developed JTI.
  • How our JTI template could be enhanced by making references to imagery (Diona’s Idea), and/or linking or combining  our images log spreadsheet to the JTI.
  • How the creation of two JTI templates might serve the team better … one for soft skills and another for systems training (Patty’s Idea).
  • How the discussion around the JTI is an opportunity to educate project sponsors and stakeholders on certain essential best-practices (i.e. 125 words of narration per screen, the need for Context, Information, and Process to make sure the training has impact).

Next week
AJ will provide a tour of the updated version of Basecamp that is now available.