5 Min of Style Notes: 10/31/12

Thanks to those who attended.

Today we discussed the use of simulation instructions such as “Click” and “Select” in light of more contemporary navigational capabilities such as the “sweeping” of imagery and elements as is available on touchscreen and mobile devices.

The discussion focused on the following topics:


  • Click vs. Select – The Venza Group ID Style Guide is clear (item 10.8 – pg. 15), “click” is for navigation to a specific item. “Select” is different in that it is used when there is a list of items from which to choose, such as a drop-down list.
  • Audience – The proverbial “golden rule” of instructional design is to craft training that is appropriate for the audience. Since “clicking” is an action that the least sophisticated of computer users will most likely be capable of accomplishing, “click” may in some cases be considered over “select”. This, of course, may compete squarely with what is outlined in the Venza Group ID Style Guide. Consultation with project stakeholders and subject matter experts in an effort to identify the audience is essential.