New Ransomware Attacks Target Boutique Hotels

Cyberattacks targeting hotels continue to evolve. It is critical hoteliers stay up to date on the latest methods and are prepared to deter and defeat attempts.

With 360-degree coverage of data security, compliance tools for privacy and PCI-DSS requirements, a unique focus on the hospitality industry, and real, live, direct customer support, VENZA’s services are the best solution to today’s new threats.

What Happened

In mid-2022, it was reported that The Allison Inn & Spa, an 85-room luxury hotel in Newberg, Oregon, had been the victim of a unique form of ransomware attack.

Once the hotel’s systems were compromised, hackers extracted confidential employee and guest records. They posted them online on the publicly searchable XYZ domain and then demanded a financial payoff to take them down.

The Implications

Ransomware attacks are hardly new; however, the form of the most recent tactic should “serve as a warning” for the hospitality industry. Typically, cybercriminals gain access and extort their victims with the threat of sensitive disclosures. With this new move that posts information openly first, experts believe that hostile actors may be experimenting with new, more aggressive methods to further ratchet up pressure on businesses.

That the target was The Allison, a boutique luxury hotel in Oregon wine country, underscores the pervasiveness of the threat. Ransom attacks are not limited only to Fortune 500 companies; they can and do happen to hotels of all sizes.

How Can VENZA Help

There are steps that you can take to protect your business such ransom attacks and VENZA is here to help. The best defense is a proactive posture, including:

*Top-notch training to secure your “human firewall.” VENZA’s suite of instructional courses, games, and media build a foundation of security, starting with the front line of defense—people.

*Advisory services, including information risk assessment, firewall maintenance and anti-virus protection, shore up your technology. Ensure best-in-class data protection by choosing one of structured programs and tailoring it with plus offerings to meet your precise needs.

*Maintain security over time with the Spot Check Awareness Auditer, quarterly Webinars on emergent threats, and ongoing Program Coaching.


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