An Overlooked Benefit: How IT Security Improves Worker Productivity and Morale

When discussing the dangers of weak cybersecurity, reporting often focuses on the “Big One.” The primary risk, it is said, is a catastrophic breach that incurs substantial financial liability and reputational damage, as has occurred recently for Marriott Hotels, SolarWinds, and Colonial Pipeline. This is understandable: avoiding an information security catastrophe is, and should be, the top priority for IT security.

However, it is often common for prospective clients to undervalue data security and privacy risk mitigation. It is easy to think that “it won’t happen here.” After all, humans are cognitively biased to underrate the probability of low frequency events.

Broader Advantages

Given this, it is critical to also consider the everyday benefits of robust IT systems. According to a recent report, 95% of employees say that IT issues impact workplace morale and productivity. Among the reasons cited were repetitive and ineffective training, unreliable system functionality, frequent changes to IT protocols and the complexity of managing an increasing number of endpoints.

Importantly, “morale drag” isn’t a one-off event—it is a systemic issue that has the potential to drain your business of its potential for optimal performance. Stronger technology performance can both protect your company from significant individual breaches and improve you day-to-day bottom line by making the people and processes already in place perform their best. The immediate return on investment from data protection improvements is substantial.

How VENZA Can Help

Fortunately, having a strong IT foundation can produce exponential gains for worker productivity and morale. There are a number of products and services from VENZA and CyberTek-MSSP that can ensure your business reaches the paragon of information security. A small sample includes:

* The VENZA Learning™ Content Library (included with each of the Matterhorn, Denali, and Everest Programs) ensure your staff feels comfortable and confident in the IT environment.

*Managed security systems by CyberTek can ensure systems operate seamlessly and that any emergent issues are resolved quickly and with minimal hassle.

*VENZA’s Advisory Services can ensure your company complies with all regulatory standards in one move, avoiding the need for disruptive, ongoing system changes

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