Cyber Fatigue: The Invisible Data Protection Threat

By now, those attuned to the cybersecurity landscape are familiar with the common refrains:

*Threats from malicious actors are rapidly increasing

*Ransomware threats are looming, with potential to shut down your entire organization

*Getting software in place is important, but the people that form your human firewall are the core of a strong defense.

Of course, all of this is true.

However, too much of a good thing can sometimes be counterproductive.

The “Big Shrug”

Studies from the field of communication have shown that repeated messaging, especially when oriented negatively, can cause listeners to grow dull and feel helpless, becoming less responsive to the original idea.

In the world of data protection, this is known as “cyber fatigue.”

Stories of doomsday hacking and nagging reminders about security hygiene can make employees burn out. The signal that we must be vigilant against real threats can begin to sound like noise. People then begin to ignore critical warnings.

Cyber fatigue has always been a challenge but has become worse in the era of remote work. Employees are already battling with the strain of constant Zoom calls, digital distractions on their computers, and the presence of competing personal responsibilities at home. This combines with the absence of the “watercooler effect” of relaxing socialization with coworkers.

Relighting the Spark

So, what can you do to combat cyber fatigue and keep your employees aware and engaged? VENZA recommends that you consider a few steps:

1. Keep content fresh. Avoid repeat trainings by using a variety of tools, such as formal courses, breakroom posters, emailed fliers, phishing campaigns, and video resources like the Hospitality Webinar Series. VENZA is constantly adding to its content library, so your resources will never become stale.

2. Entertain while educating. Gamification has been shown to be a powerful learning tool. By making training fun and competitive, users have an added incentive to participate and internalize the security message. The VENZA Arcade turns known games like Battleship, Wheel of Fortune, and Jeopardy into learning tools.

3. Automate. Simple steps like requiring multi-factor authentication (MFA) or using password management tools can ensure good security habits without placing a burden on the user to constantly remember to take certain actions.

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