VENZA Appoints Daniel Johnson as Chief Executive Officer

VENZA, the leading provider of data protection and regulatory compliance solutions for the hospitality industry, today announced that Daniel Johnson has been named Chief Executive Officer. Jeff Venza, the company’s previous CEO, will remain as VENZA’s Chairman of the Board.

Johnson co-founded VENZA in 2008 along with Jeff Venza and David Christiansen, the company’s current Chief Information Officer. Johnson previously served as the company’s Chief Operating Officer and established VENZA’s office in the Netherlands in 2018. He has over two decades of senior management experience and deep expertise in the field of data protection, especially relating to hospitality.

“VENZA is animated by our mission of guiding good people to do great things,” said Johnson. “We have long been known for our hospitality expertise and personalized support. The process of data protection is a journey, not an individual result, so we have consistently prioritized ways to act as a better facilitator and guide our clients to build a robust security culture.”

“VENZA operates from the principle that better visibility yields better defense. Our clients should expect to see VENZA throttle up its tools for transparency and organizational clarity and deliver higher levels of actionable intelligence to avoid risk and business interruption than ever before,” Johnson continued. “The coming release of the VENZA System will mark a step-change in the degree of capabilities available to our clients. Our platform provides a streamlined user experience that seamlessly integrates multiple streams of data, creating an ultra-crisp view of each organization’s security profile from the top level down to the individual property.”

“For several years, Daniel has led the strategic direction of VENZA’s sales, marketing, and product development teams which resulted in explosive growth for the company,” said Jeff Venza. “With his transition to the role of CEO, he is poised to extend his vision throughout our entire organization. As a co-founder, Daniel has been with VENZA since the beginning. He understands how our company must evolve to meet the changing needs of the marketplace and to deliver next-level products and service to our clients. I am enrolled in Daniel’s vision for the company’s future and believe that now is the time for him to assume the leadership of the company. He has my full confidence moving forward.”