Data Privacy Compliance Checklist

Many companies are subject to multiple data privacy laws from different jurisdictions. Each may have varying requirements and can change over time. To provide general guidance about the common types of data privacy rules, VENZA has prepared the following checklist of important items to consider when designing your organization’s data privacy policies.

 Item Description 
square check box iconData Collection Notification Maintain a publicly available privacy notice and privacy policy on any website. 
 square check box iconConsent for Data Collection, Retention & Erasure Allow consumers to opt in or out of data use. 
 square check box iconRight to Delete Have a process for consumers to submit a data deletion request. 
 square check box iconRecordkeeping Maintain logs of all data held. 
 square check box iconPrivacy Risk Audits Assess your practices and procedures to determine risks of noncompliance. 
 square check box iconNotification Procedure Be prepared to notify regulators of a breach within 72 hours. 

VENZA can help you stay compliant with vendor security assessments, privacy management solutions, and notification process design services. 

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