Defining Terms: Cybersecurity vs. Information Security

What’s in a word? After all, according to Shakespeare: “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

However, in the realm of data protection, precision matters. How we think about and categorize problems and solutions shapes our understanding of the issue and how effectively we’ll address it in the future. 

So, today, we’ll devote a moment to parse two terms that may be casually interchangeable but are technically distinct: “cybersecurity” and “information security.”


To begin, let’s define the terms.

“Cybersecurity” is the activity of protecting from attacks that originate in cyberspace. This includes all mediums—data, storage systems, networks, and devices—and usually deals with cybercrime and fraud.

“Information security” is the defense of data from any form of threat, analogue or digital. It refers to the security of data in general and includes a focus on unauthorized access, disclosure, disruption, or modification of information and systems.

Differences and Commonalities

Information security and cybersecurity are overlapping, with notable commonalities. Both concepts:

*Value data and information and are concerned with its governance, confidentiality, and integrity, and;

*Include a physical security component.

However, there are differences that make it important to be precise when discussing the topic:

*Cybersecurity is devoted to dealing with online threats, while information security addresses vulnerabilities from all entry points.

*Cybersecurity and InfoSec professionals may use different techniques. Cybersecurity responsibilities typically include focusing on software updates, password management, firewalls, and antivirus software. InfoSec responsibilities focus on company-wide user policies, data storage protocols, and general security testing.

A useful way to thinking about it is with information security as an umbrella term, containing cybersecurity along with other topics like cryptography and physical access controls within it.

Why It Matters

Properly understanding the difference between cybersecurity and information security allows organizations to effectively conceptualize areas for control and accurately define their security needs.

It’s important to select a vendor that understands the nuances of security policy and can tailor a program to your needs.

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