Your Guide to GDPR

Powered by VENZA and facilitated by our approved coaches, GDPR Essentials™ enables your GDPR task force to be informed as well as aligned to the tools and documents they need.

Coaching Clinics
Conducted over multiple sessions, Coaching Clinics cover vital topics (both legal and technical) and afford participants practical, hands-on guidance from a GDPR expert. Small-group formats generate insightful peer-to-peer sharing and cut costs, making them ideal for organizations adverse to expensive consulting fees.

Topics include:
* Revising legal agreements
* Revising data processing agreements
* Data mapping and risk identification
* The mechanics of consent management
* Data Protection Officer (DPO)
* And much more…

Post-clinic Field Guides serve as practical and invaluable resources.

Documentation Platform

This platform includes a pre-populated repository of the following customizable documents and templates:
* Checklists and Tools
* Documents
* Policies

Program Coordination

Successfully addressing the GDPR’s legal, technical, and operational requirements
demands organizational coordination. The VENZA Customer Success Team helps with
schedules, reminders, and communications.

“Closed Clinics” tailored to your organization are available upon request.

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