Hospitality Webinar Series in Full Swing


(Roswell, GA – September 10th, 2013) A company that has built its reputation on the creation of custom, self-paced eLearning modules for hoteliers and hospitality-industry suppliers, the Venza Group has launched their Hospitality Webinar Series to showcase their industry knowledge as well as that of their partner organizations. Throughout the summer of 2013, the first few sessions have already covered a wide variety of important industry-specific issues. The webinars are intimate settings where attendees gain access to the presentations and Q&A discussions that follow.

Given the company’s commitment to working with their clients to safeguard them against payment card-related risks, it’s no surprise that the Venza Group chose to premiere the Hospitality Webinar Series with a session entitled “Understanding PCI Compliance.” Attorney Michael Burke, international corporate partner at the law firm of Arnall Golden Gregory (AGG), led the presentation that consisted of an overview of PCI Compliance basics as well as recently identified trends and security risks.

Yet another installment of the Hospitality Webinar Series was led by the author of the New York Times bestselling memoir, “Heads in Beds”, Jacob Tomsky. Candid, insightful, and humorous, Tomsky’s session was entitled “A Reckless Webinar of Hotels, Hustles and So Called Hospitality” and included his professional anecdotes accumulated over decades working at properties throughout the United States.

Returning toward more compliance-related topics, the Hospitality Webinar Series tackled the subject of Form I-9 compliance in a session led by Montserrat Miller. Ms. Miller is a partner in the Privacy and Consumer Regulatory; Immigration; and Government Affairs Practice Groups and is co-chair of AGG’S Diversity Committee. Ms. Miller focuses her practice on compliance, risk mitigation, and governmental policy issues related to clients’ workforce and consumer regulatory issues. She brought her vast expertise to the session providing best practices to avoid getting caught in the anti-discrimination trap of due diligence vs. over/under-documentation. Also in the session, Ms. Miller shared what to expect if you are the subject of an ICE I-9 audit, immigration reform and what it means to E-Verify.

The Venza Group’s Hospitality Webinar Series continues throughout the fall of 2013. For example, attendees will learn how to ensure a harassment-free environment during the “Employment Law Compliance” session on October 2nd, led by attorney Sarina Russotto.

Spots are limited so only the first individuals who sign up can attend. Fortunately for all, recordings of the webinars are posted on the Venza Group website (click here).


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