Identify and Mitigate Vendor Risks with Tracking Tools

Hoteliers rely on a plethora of third-party vendors to support operations ranging from online booking systems to in-room entertainment solutions.

While these partnerships can enhance service delivery and operational efficiency, they also introduce significant data protection risks.

This week’s feature of the VENZA Echo further explores the essential topic of vendor management, outlining practical strategies for identifying, tracking, and mitigating risks associated with third-party vendors by using tracking tools.

Identifying Risks

Before hoteliers can effectively track and mitigate vendor risks, they must first identify potential vulnerabilities. This involves a thorough assessment of all third-party services used, focusing on how these services handle and store guest data. Key areas of concern typically include:

*Data Security Measures—Does the vendor adhere to industry-standard data security practices such as encryption and secure data storage?

*Access Control—Who has access to the data within the vendor’s organization, and what measures prevent unauthorized access?

*Compliance—Does the vendor comply with relevant data protection regulations (e.g., GDPR, CPRA)?

*Incident Response—Does the vendor have an effective incident response plan in case of a data breach?

The first step in identifying these risks is through comprehensive audits and assessments, often facilitated by risk assessment tools or checklists that help hoteliers systematically evaluate vendor security postures.

Tracking Vendor Risks with Technology

Once risks are identified, tracking them becomes pivotal.

Leveraging technology to track vendor risk allows hoteliers to maintain a continuous overview of their data security landscape.

Some effective tools for tracking vendor risks include:

*Vendor Risk Management (VRM) Software. These platforms provide a centralized view of all vendor risks, integrating assessments, monitoring, and management of third-party interactions. Features often include automated risk assessments, real-time alerts, and compliance tracking.

*Security Ratings Services. These services offer continuous monitoring of a vendor’s security posture by scoring them on a variety of factors such as network security, DNS health, and patching cadence. This real-time data helps hoteliers make informed decisions about their ongoing relationships with vendors.

*Compliance Management Tools. These tools focus specifically on ensuring that vendors adhere to legal and regulatory standards. They help track changes in compliance status and can automate parts of the compliance documentation process.

Mitigating Vendor Risks

Identifying and tracking risks are merely the initial steps—the ultimate goal is risk mitigation.

Effective strategies for mitigating vendor risks include:

*Contractual Agreements. Ensure all agreements with vendors include strong data protection clauses. Specify requirements for compliance, incident reporting, and the right to audit.

*Regular Assessments. Conduct regular audits either internally or via third-party assessors to ensure vendors continually meet security requirements. These audits should be both scheduled and surprised, to get an accurate picture of the vendor’s operational security.

*Training and Awareness. Foster a culture of security awareness among vendors by providing training sessions that highlight the importance of data security and the specific data protection policies of your hotel.

*Incident Management Plans. Develop and regularly update incident response plans that include protocols for dealing with a data breach or leak, particularly focusing on minimizing damage and legal repercussions.


The task of managing vendor risks is continuous and requires vigilance, robust technology tools, and a proactive approach to data security.

By effectively identifying, tracking, and mitigating these risks, hoteliers can not only protect their guests’ data but also enhance their brand reputation and operational stability.

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