A New Alliance for Compliance

(Alpharetta, GA – June 7, 2011) The Venza Group, recognized as the Southeast’s leader for custom learning solutions, announces the launch of the first in a series of corporate compliance and workforce effectiveness courses. It is through their partnership with the law firm of Arnall Golden Gregory (AGG) that the Venza Group offers these off-the-shelf training modules. The content is the product of AGG’s Employment Law Team, chaired by Henry Perlowski who also serves as the firm’s liaison with the internationally renowned Employment Law Alliance. The design and development of the modules is the product of the Venza Group’s award winning elearning technologies.

Powered by the Venza Group’s Learning Management System (LMS), this series of highly interactive modules are available on a subscription-basis, open for self-registration. Managers may easily enroll team members and assign courses. And, in addition to the ability to browse course offerings and matriculate the courses, the LMS allows managers to validate that their team members took the courses to which they were assigned. Generating transcripts and running reports provides yet another layer of legal protection to organizations that aim to track their compliance training initiatives.

Whether organizations are looking to train their employees to comply with legal statutes, audit requirements, or properly manage information and documentation, this series of corporate compliance and workforce effectiveness modules carry the gravitas of AGG’s 62 years of legal experience along with the Venza Group’s reputation for training excellence.

About Arnall Golden Gregory

Arnall Golden Gregory LLP is a mid-size law firm in Atlanta and Washington DC, that serves the business and litigation needs of growing public and private companies. Through mergers and acquisitions, capital markets financing, strategic alliances, joint ventures, regulatory compliance, litigation and other business-related guidance, the firm helps clients across a broad range of industries turn legal challenges into business opportunities.


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