North Carolina Hotels Double Down on Data Security and Compliance with VENZA

A trio of North Carolina-based hotels have chosen VENZA, the leader in hospitality-focused data protection and regulatory compliance products, to provide new data protection and information security services.

The Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club, JB Duke Hotel, and The Lodge at Duke Medical Center will be receiving VENZA’s comprehensive Denali™ package along with customized professional services to ensure PCI DSS compliance.

The Denali™ program maximizes data protection through training and tools to cement an organization-wide security awareness culture. Included are best-in-class products like the VENZA Learning™ Content Library, VENZA PEAK™ Learning Management System, VENZA Phishing™, and the Spot Check Awareness Auditor™.

With the growing importance of PCI DSS compliance in the hotel industry, VENZA will also be providing a tailored suite of professional services, including on-site visits to assess, review, and secure information systems and the provision of expert assistance for SAQ preparation.

“Each of our properties takes all aspects of the guest experience seriously, striving to deliver first-class service across the board,” said David Johnson, Area Director, Information Technology at WDI Hospitality. “Since cyberthreats are constantly growing, this requires that hoteliers continue to prioritize the security of guest data. We chose VENZA to accelerate our already strong commitment in this area and to remain an industry leader in data protection.”

“VENZA is thrilled to work with outstanding partners like these hotels,” said Juli Barter, Vice President of Sales at VENZA. “One of VENZA’s advantages is our ability to customize our programs to precisely fit our clients’ needs and we were very happy to be able to design a program that will work perfectly for The Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club, JB Duke Hotel, and The Lodge at Duke Medical Center.”


VENZA is the leading provider of data protection and compliance solutions for the hospitality industry. Drawing on decades of experience, VENZA provides 360-degree visibility that enables proactive risk management to mitigate vulnerabilities and keep your guests and their data safe. Know your risks and protect your enterprise with VENZA.

More than 225,000 users in 100+ countries look to VENZA for tools, technology, and strategic security support. Founded in 2008, VENZA is a privately held company with regional offices in the U.S. and the Netherlands. For more information, visit

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