Olga Brunnerová Named Customer Success Manager at VENZA

VENZA, the leading provider of data protection and regulatory compliance solutions for the hospitality industry, today announced that Olga Brunnerová has been promoted to Customer Success Manager. In that role, she will lead a core component of VENZA’s delivery process, overseeing a team of expert Customer Success Coaches who guide its clients to better visibility and better defense.

“Olga has been a critical member of the Customer Success Team over the past five years and has been instrumental in leading our efforts to deliver exceptional services that meet the needs of every client,” said Dominique Williams, Director of Operations at VENZA. “Her hard work has been an example for others and has certainly been felt by the many clients that she has served. As a veteran of the hospitality technology space, she is keenly aware of the challenges facing our industry and uniquely positioned to ensure that VENZA continues to meet them.”

The Customer Success Team supports VENZA clients in the delivery, execution, reporting, and analysis of data protection efforts. The team’s coaches conduct client onboarding efforts, assist them with internal communication and rollout, hold regular touchpoints, provide progress feedback, and act as a dedicated point of contact. Key areas of the team’s product responsibility include VENZA Phishing™ and security awareness training using the VENZA Learning™ Content Library. Collectively, these efforts allow VENZA’s Customer Success Coaches to act as guides, operating as a functional extension of their clients’ teams.

Brunnerová has been with VENZA since 2019. Initially joining the company as a Customer Success Representative, she has served as the Customer Success Lead since 2021. She holds a PhD in Political Science from Metropolitan University Prague and resides in the Czech Republic.

“During my time at VENZA, I have learned that the critical element in the success of data protection programs is not simply the content. It is about navigating the human element to ensure exceptional products are delivered effectively,” said Brunnerová. “In this regard, the key element in VENZA’s success is in building the trust of our clients.”

“Our greatest strength is not in the solutions we provide, but the lasting relationships we build, and I am very much looking forward to continue to build upon VENZA’s capabilities in this area,” she added.


VENZA is the leading provider of data protection and compliance solutions for the hospitality industry. Drawing on decades of experience, VENZA provides 360-degree visibility that enables proactive risk management to mitigate vulnerabilities and keep your guests and their data safe. Know your risks and protect your enterprise with VENZA.

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