PCI Security Standards Council Accredits VENZA as a PCI DSS v4 Qualified Security Assessor

VENZA today announced that it has been confirmed as an accredited Qualified Security Assessor (QSA), deemed by the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) to meet all requirements needed to perform PCI DSS Assessments under the newest version 4.0 standard.

Since 2004, the PCI SSC has administered PCI DSS, an information security standard that handles branded credit cards from the major card schemes and applies to all merchants that store, process, or transmit cardholder data.

To validate an entity’s adherence to PCI DSS, the PCI SSC relies on independent QSA companies that have been qualified by the council to attest to Self-Assessment Questionnaires and conduct on-site PCI DSS assessments.

In 2022, the PCI SSC released the most recent iteration of the standard, version 4.0. Replacing the previous version 3.2.1, v4 will become fully operative in March 2025.

By earning its status as a v4 QSA, VENZA has again demonstrated its commitment to data protection excellence. Fewer than 180 PCI DSS v4 QSAs currently exist worldwide.

“Receiving confirmed status as a v4 assessor will be invaluable to VENZA’s efforts to assist our clients in transitioning to the updated standard in the coming years,” said David Christiansen, Chief Technology Officer at VENZA. “Our goal is to combine world-class data protection expertise with knowledge of real-world hospitality-specific implementation. I am proud of our team’s efforts to ensure that we remain on the cutting edge of information security and compliance issues.”

In addition, VENZA will be updating its VENZA Learning™ Content Library and VENZA PEAK™ Learning Management System with information relevant to the revised standard. VENZA will also provide a stand-alone “Introduction to PCI 4.0” course that covers its rollout timeline, major content changes, and tools that VENZA and its subsidiary, CyberTek MSSP, can provide for the transition.